After The Rain

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After The Rain is a new artist project from Paul Statham that incorporates beats/electronica/samples and performance. The songs are journeys into sound/performance that are more structured & beat driven than the experimental instrumental soundscapes released under his own name, often featuring sampled vocals from old field recordings and Pauls occasional voice and released via Loki Records.The 1st E.P 'Black Is The Colour' takes vocal samples from the past and collages them with pulsating electronica and motorik driving beats.The track Gospel Train opens the E.P and sets out a mission statement for the 3 tracks including samples from

The Belleville A Capella Choir taken from the album 'Southern Journey Vol. 1: Voices from the American South'.

The Hip Hop beats and shifting bass pulses of 'Black Is The Colour' features the beautiful vocals of young electro RnB artist Billie Black recreating the opening verse of the Nina Simone song of the same name and the final track Waterfront takes 4 lines from John Lee Hookers track of the same name and wraps it in white noise, Pauls vocoder voice and glitched guitars to create a real sense of journey. A video of Gospel Train is now published on the Loki Records Youtube Channel and the EP is available to download from Loki Records Bandcamp Page.